Massage Workshop

"The Relaxed Couple"

Reconnect with your partner by learning how to relieve their tension, which can be caused by all the challenges we face every day. Why not light some candles, pop some bubbly and work out the kinks of the every day life. Not to mention that touch will help you to bond to your partner even more and create trust in your relationship.


In this 3 hour workshop I will teach you basic but still very relaxing massage techniques to give your partner a 20 minute massage. And the good news is your partner will learn the same techniques to give you a massage back!

You can choose to learn:

  1. Full back massage on the floor or on the chair

  2. Neck/shoulder/arm massage on the floor or on the chair

  3. Foot massage, applicable everywhere

Massage on the floor

The techniques will be thought while your partner is laying on a massage table to make it more comfortable for you. But most of the people don´t have a table at home so it is better to give the massage while your partner is laying on a yoga mat or a blanket on the floor. A solid dinning table would work too.

Massage on the chair

Learn to give a massage while your partner is sitting backwards on a chair. This is often more comfortable for the one who is giving the massage.

Included in Price

- Refreshments

- Handout with pictures and instructions

Gift Box with:

- massage oil

- chocolate

- candles

- spiky massage ball


" I very much enjoyed the three hour massage workshop - it was a delight to all five senses:

-soft, relaxing lighting

-delicious snacks

-lightly scented oil

-soothing music

And of course the key part of the experience was an expertly provided instruction for how to provide a restorative touch to one's partner. 

The instructor was professional, kind and very reassuring throughout.  Though we were both beginners, she was very patient walking us through the various techniques.  She made sure at all stages we were comfortable and that my partner and I understood each movement before continuing.


We both commented after how relaxing the workshop was from start to finish and how we're both very glad we tried it.  Highly recommended!"