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Cupping Treatment


Cupping is a therapy in which a jar or jars are attached to the skin surface using negative pressure created by introducing a flame into a glass cup (Fire cupping) or other means of suction.



Benefits of Cupping

Cupping increases blood and lymph circulation in the area where the cups are placed. It also can break up fascial adhesions, reduce tension and soften scar tissue.

It promotes mobility and range of motion.


Cupping Methods

Retaining Cupping: Cup will be attached to the skin for10-15min, and then removed

Sliding Cupping: Cup is moved along a meridian.

Flashing cupping : Cup is attached and removed quickly and repeatedly.

Bloodletting Cupping: area is pricked with three-edged needle to induce bleeding, the cup will be placed on top of the bleeding area.

Fire cupping


Types of Cupping

The  most common types of cupping are Fire cupping with glass cups in different sizes, plastic cups (piston-air sucking cup) and silicon cups.

Some therapists use bamboo cups or pottery cups.


Side effects

Cupping marks: They are marks no bruises. They are the blood from broken capillaries trapped under the skin. Cupping marks are stagnant blood, cellular debris, or pathogens that are brought to the surface for the lymphatic system to clear away.

Other: slight drowsiness, tiredness, soreness

Fire Cupping Yorkton
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