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Red Fabric Under a Tree

Womb Healing Circle

It's time has come to rediscover and embrace your feminine essence.

These circles are for women that are wanting to heal from trauma that is stored in their womb.

For women that want to reclaim their womb, their creativity and their life.

In our small circle of women  will gather once a month and we are going to:

  • create a save space to share and release stories

  • learn strategies to heal our nervous system, which can help us to deal with anxiety, overwhelm, overthinking and emotional flooding

  • learn about our menstrual cycle from a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level, which can help to balance hormones, reduce PMS and menstrual cramps

  • explore natural methods to heal your body, mind and soul

  • connect to our womb and our feminine energy centers

  • connect with like-minded women

We will integrate different techniques like Qi Gong, Somatic Embodiment, Journaling and other.

For Whom?

For women, who want to heal on a physical, but also spiritual level. For women, who want to feel comfortable in their own body and want to reclaim their feminine energy.

Upcoming Circles

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