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Blood Samples

Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis

You don't feel right, but your blood test came back normal?

"Normal" is not optimal

You go to visit your doctor because you don't feel right. You might feel more tired than usual, can't concentrate or start to have issues with certain foods you are eating. Your doctor does some blood work, but the results are "normal" and than they dismiss you.

But "normal" doesn't mean optimal!

We often feel unwell before any regular analysis of a blood test can detect that something is off. That's were Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis comes into the picture.

Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis gives insight to:

  • Blood Sugar Regulation

  • Cardiovascular Risk

  • Electrolyte Balance

  • Gastrointestinal Function

  • Hormone Balance

  • Liver & Gallbladder Function

  • Kidney Function

  • Adrenal & Thyroid Function

  • Nutritional Deficiencies

  • Inflammation

  • Hydration Status

  • Immune System Function

  • Oxygen Carrying Capacity

  • Toxicity & Oxidative Stress

  • Acid/Base Balance

  • Allergy Tendencies  

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How Can FBCA help me to get better?

  1.  Gain deeper insight into the underlying causes of your health complaints

  2.  Assess nutrient status to help guide your diet changes and supplementation

  3.  Highlight sub-clinical problems before they develop into something serious

  4.  Monitor the effects of your diet, exercise and lifestyle interventions

  5.  Tracking health trends and disease risk over time

  6. Get a second opinion as it relates to existing ‘normal’ blood work

  7. get a deeper understanding and insight into your health

How to get started with Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis


Step 1

Get a blood test (skip this step if you already have blood work completed)

You need your healthcare provider to order your blood work (list of markers you should request)

Step 2

Book either just a FBCA report or book a FBCA report with Consultation

when you book your report it will book a 30min window in my calendar, in that time I will put your results into the software and I will send you the report via email in that time frame - no need to come in person

you can look at the report in your own time

If you book a FBCA report with consultation

It will book an 1.5hr appointment into my calendar. The first 30min I will add the markers into the software and look at the report, the last 1hr we will go over the results together and I explain the results and I will recommend certain lifestyle changes if necessary


Step 3

Send me your results   

Once your blood test results arrive back from the lab you can either send me a copy via email or drop of the print outs and I will run the analysis at the time you booked your appointment for 

! I need the results latest at the time your appointment starts! Results are not send out until a payment is received (I pay for every test I put into the software)


Step 4: Receive your FBCA report

Once the analysis is complete, I’ll send you your comprehensive FBCA report via email, at the time you booked your report for or we will go over the results together in the consultation

What blood markers shall I get tested?

FBCA can analyze more than 125 individual biomarkers to provide a deep insight into your body’s biochemistry. The more markers you get your doctor to test for the more acurate the analysis will be. We suggest asking your healthcare provider to run the following panels:

What's included in your FBCA report?

Your FBCA Report is a comprehensive document consisting of several sections, including:

  •  Functional Body Systems

  •  Accessory Body Systems

  •  Macronutrient Status 

  •  Nutritional Deficiencies

  •  Blood Test Results

  •  Blood Test Comparative

  •  Blood Test Results Score

  •  Blood Test History

  •  Out Of Optimal Range Markers 

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