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Initial Acupuncture - What to expect

A lot of people are not sure what to expect at their first visit for an acupuncture treatment.

I put together a short overview for you to hopefully answer some questions you might have.

Health History

The first visit can be up to 90minutes because we will talked about your health history in detail including:

  • sleeping habits

  • diet

  • emotions

  • stress

  • injuries/ surgeries

  • work 

  • and more

Physical assessment may include:

  • Tongue inspection

  • Pulse taking

  • Scar tissue inspection

  • point and meridian palpation


  • Cupping or Gua Sha Treatment if applicable and wanted

  • placing of needles

  • patient rests for 30 minutes with needles retained (shorter if patient doesn't feel comfortable having the needles in that long)

  • taking out the needles

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