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Somatic Embodiment

Somatic Embodiment explores the relationship between our physical body, our energy and our emotions. It involves the interaction of our body with our mind, thoughts and actions. It's about exploring, rediscovering and  befriending our own body. 

Trauma and daily life disconnect us from our body. We are constantly in our head - thinking, planning, worrying and by doing so we forgetting our physical body and it's language. We ignore or misread the signs of discomfort, until it's sometimes it's too late and our body becomes dis-eased.

What is Somatic Embodiment?

In practice it's a combination of movements and stillness practices to relax the nervous system and to reconnect with our body. It's about a deep connection to our bodily sensations and reactions without judgement. This way we get more comfortable in our own body, which allows us over time create safeness in our body, because we understand it's language.

When we understand it's language we can explore further and release emotions bit by bit without overwhelming our nervous system again.

What to expect?

Somatic experiencing can be intense and at the beginning even overwhelming. It is quite a challenge to be in your own body again without the narrative of your mind.

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