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Our Body's internal clock - The Law of Midnight/Midday

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

Our energy channels in the body experiencing a surge of energy, that lasts around 2 hours, in sequence, every day. Each channel is connected with an organ (hence their name - Liver channel, Stomach channel,..) and when that surge goes through the channel the paired organ is also more active at that time.

For example, between 3 and 5 am the surge of energy goes through the Lung channel and with that the muscles and bone structures on the arm that are overlaid by the Lung channel receive more energy than usual. The lungs and the lung-related cells also receive more energy than usual.

That doesn't mean that the lung work the hardest at breathing at that time, in the contrary. During this tie, the structures, organs and cells associated with the Lung are best able to perform healing work. Lung cells are repaired and replaced in that time.

If a person has damaged tissue in that particular part of the body, say a person is a smoker, the person might wake up from coughing between 3 and 5 am, because the body tries to move any dead lung cells or accumulations toxins or waste out of the lungs.

Or if a person has damage in tissue related with a channel and organ that is more active during day time the person might actually get more tired around that time. or might be more aware of that damage, during the time the body is repairing that part. That person might even experience certain emotions more then other times a day.

People with digestive issue usually feel more sluggish and tired in the morning and usually feel better as later in the day. People with issues in their Kidney channel or that have adrenal fatigue get tired after 5pm.

The times of day for the Law of Midnight/Midday are not set in stone. They change accordingly with the seasons. In winter time, when darkness is longer more time is spent with elevated channel Qi in the Kidney through Lung channels and in summer when the days are longer, more

time is spent with elevated Qi in the Stomach through Bladder channel.

The body clock can help us to live a healthier and more balanced life. When we follow the clock and listen to our body, we can support our body in the healing process.

For us Acupuncturists the time, where a patients wakes up all the time or feels tired over the day can be helpful to differentiate the channel that has a blockage, a deficiency or excess and we choose the acupuncture points accordingly.

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