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Why are warm feet so important for your womb?

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Warm feet warm womb

Ever heard of the saying "cold feet, cold womb"? It's not just a saying. There is a lot of truth to it.

Your womb is directly connected with your womb. Three very important meridians start on the feet go up your leg and connect with your womb space - the Kidney meridian, the Spleen meridian and the Liver meridian.

All three meridians regulate your hormones and your energy and blood flow to the uterus.

In Chinese Medicine Cold constricts and slows things down. The cold from your feet reduces the flow of energy and warmth along these three meridians, creating low energy and blood flow in your womb space. This can cause menstrual cramps, clots in your period blood, fertility issues, even cysts and fibroids.

Why is a warm Womb so important for fertility?

To be fertile the womb needs an abundance of energy and blood, to built a strong and healthy uterine lining. If the blood and energy flow is reduces, the womb doesn't get enough nutrition and oxygen to built a warm nest for the egg to implant in.

Your egg quality also relies on a good and healthy blood and energy flow.

What causes a cold womb?

Something simple like no socks or thin socks in winter time or going out without good and warm winter shoes (ya those sneakers are cute but they are not winter shoes!) is good enough to get cold feet.

Thyroid issues and low progesterone can cause constant cold feet. Progesterone is the hormone that keeps us ladies warm.

Not eating enough. Unfortunately in our society women are being told to be skinny to be beautiful. What often leads to girls and women not eating enough. But if your body doesn't get enough food, it reduces the blood flow to the extremities. Your body's priority is to keep your core warm. Also when the body doesn't get enough food, reproduction is the first thing on the list that goes. If you barely eat enough to keep your body functioning, how it suppose to have energy to create a new human being?

Not dressing warm enough. It's old school to wear a long underwear, but effective to keep the lower back and your womb warm. If you don't dress warm enough your body focuses on keep your blood in its core to warm the vital organs, reproduction isn't vital. So bundle up!

Signs of a cold womb

  • period cramps that get better with heat

  • clots in your menstrual blood

  • recurrent miscarriage

  • fertility issues

  • low energy

  • low libido

  • spotting before period

  • (watery) diarrhea, especially before period

  • bloating and indigestion

Treatment to warm up your womb space

Tips to keep your womb warm at home

  • wear warm socks and clothing when it's cold, even if you just have a short walk between the car and the house or your work

  • eat warm foods like soups and stews

  • don't drink ice water - I can't stress that enough! Tea with warming herbs or spices (like Ginger or cinnamon tea) or warm water (with lemon very yummy) is best - coffee doesn't count

  • hot foot soaks or hot water bottle before bed and whenever you have time

  • check your thyroid and progesterone levels (doctor)

  • don't eat a lot of raw food, especially when you tend to get diarrhea easily

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